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Everything you need to shop with friends & teammates.
All the basic tools you need to manage and market your boutique online.
Scale up your boutique with better rates and more support.
Monthly Price FREE $9.99 $29.99
Like items to purchase later
Track orders and claims
Contact sellers
Contact sellers you've purchased from right from the shopper dashboard.
Party chat
An easy online chat to communicate with sellers while you're shopping on party pages.
Digital rewards cards
Keep track of all your rewads on digital rewards cards for sellers that use PopItUp Customer Loyalty Rewards.
Track inventory
QR Codes
Download and print QR codes for tagging items. An easy way to match online records with offline inventory.
Image takeouts
Download pictures of all your inventory so you can use them wherever you like.
5 image takeouts 30 image takeouts
Post to social
Schedule your marketing posts to Facebook groups and pages. Instagram coming soon!
Facebook album posting
The feature that made PopItUp famous...Post pictures of all your inventory to your Facebook group albums so you can sell where the people are.
Comment selling
Let your customers purchase from you with just a "Sold" or "Mine" comment on Facebook.
Track orders
Easily track what's been invoiced, paid, and shipped right next to the customer, product, and payment information.
Online party pages
An easy way to sell your products online.
Multi-consultant party pages
A great way to create an online flea market or combine your inventory with a teammate.
Multiple admins in parties
Spread out the work of curating a party by inviting other admins.
Party analytics tracking codes
Use Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel to track customer engagement in your parties.
Custom party URLs
Pick vanity domains for your parties to stand out from the crowd.

1 Custom URL

15 Custom URLs
Reduced party branding
Cut down on PopItUp branding on your parties for a more standalone look.
Shipping labels
Purchase postage and download shipping labels from the comfort of your home or office.

Commercial Plus Postage

Commercial Plus Postage
Customer loyalty rewards
Offer your customers rewards for being loyal to your business with digital rewards cards.
Financial reports
Customer support Email support Email & chat support Priority email & chat support
Text message notifications 50 messages 1000 messages
Accept payments online
Cheaper merchant processing rates than PayPal, Square, Etsy, and Bless!
2.89% + $0.25 2.79% + $0.20
Send invoices
Just click a button on the order and we'll automatically email the invoice and send out receipts once it's paid.
Sales tax calculation
Never charge the wrong sales tax again. We'll calculate, collect, and deposit sales tax right to your bank account.

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Get started for free

    General questions

  • How much does PopItUp cost?
  • PopItUp is free for shoppers. Plans to sell on PopItUp start at just $9.99 per month.
  • Do I need to pay to shop on PopItUp?
  • No, shopping on PopItUp is free. Only those selling items on PopItUp pay a small monthly subscription fee.
  • Are there long term contracts or commitments for siging up to sell on PopItUp?
  • No, subscriptions are monthly, meaning you only commit to one month at a time and can cancel at any time before the next month to avoid the next month's subscription fees.
  • Is it easy to cancel a monthly subscription?
  • Yes, you can easily cancel your PopItUp subscription by logging into your account, navigating to your billing settings, and clicking cancel subscripiton.
  • Do I have to sell for a supported company to use PopItUp?
  • No, PopItUp may be used by anyone. Many of our users own their own brands or boutiques and use PopItUp to grow their businesses because it's easy to use and much quicker than other online selling platforms to get up and running.
  • Is PopItUp compliant with my company's policies and procedures?
  • Yes. PopItUp was designed to be completely compliant with every companies policies and procedures by allowing every seller to customize how they use the features. Reach out to our customer support team if you have specific questions.

    Facebook posting questions

  • Can I use PopItUp to sell on a Facebook group?
  • Absolutely. PopItUp has the most robust integrations with Facebook groups for social sellers. You can post inidividual items for sale on your Facebook feed or post your entire inventory into Facebook group photo albums.
  • How do I post items for sale on a Facebook Group with PopItUp?
  • Start by adding items to your PopItUp inventory, then you post them to Facebook from the inventory or SmartPost pages. Video tutorials are available on our knowledge base.
  • Can my customers purchase on Facebook by clicking on a claim link in the Facebook photo comments?
  • Yes, PopItUp can post a claim link in the Facebook photo comments for every item that you post. Your customers simply click on the link to see details about the item on PopItUp and can claim or purchase the item there by adding their name and shipping address. If you've setup payments, the customer will also purchase the item. Otherwise, you can invoice the customer later from your PopItUp Sales or Orders page.
  • Can my customers purchase items on Facebook by commenting "Sold" if I use PopItUp?
  • Yes. Post your inventory to Facebook using PopItUp and run your sales event on Facebook by telling your customer to comment "Sold" or "Mine" in the comments of the photo of the object that they'd like to purchase. Once you're ready, you simply "Check for Sold Comments" from your PopItUp account to begin processing the orders. Detailed video tutorials are available on the knowledge base.

Get started — it's free

Get started — it's free
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