Offering your customers Loyalty Rewards is an excellent way to earn repeat customers, and it's fully integrated into the PopItUp dashboard! It’s convenient and familiar for your customers and a tried and true method for boosting your sales.

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See Customer Loyalty Rewards in Action

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Increase repeat purchases

Keep your new customers coming back and your best customers happy using loyalty rewards incentives, just like your own favorite retailers.

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Magic Links

Share your magic links on Facebook, by email, during a live broadcast, or on your website so your customers can signup for your loyalty program with 1-click.

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Electronic Punch Cards

Setup electronic punch cards that work just like the old-school punch cards you keep in your wallet. Just click to mark a reward and it automatically shows up on your customers' rewards dashboard.

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Spending programs

Set up spending programs just like a credit card company to track the amount that your customers have spent with you and reward them for the amount that they spend with you.

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Shop Now Button

Your customers can click to shop with you right from their rewards card. Connect your website, a party page, or any URL that you choose.

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Order Management

Rewards are built right into a complete order management dashboard. Track which items, amount spent, invoicing, payment, shipping status, and rewards.

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