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PopItUp White Label

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White label PopItUp for your entire direct sales business, so your sellers get all our awesome tools while promoting your brand. Use your own domain or set it up as a subdomain to your current website. Add your logo, use your own lingo, add your products, customize the dashboard, create your own media library, and even customize the pricing.

All the elements that we can white_label

Use your domain

We recommend using a subdomain like “stylists.yourdomain.com” to strengthen your brand and your SEO, but you can use any domain that you’d like. We'll run the entire platform on our AWS servers so you never have to worry about infrastructure or scaling.

Add your logo

Promote your brand by adding your own logo. We recommend using an SVG file to keep it clean and crisp no matter the device or size of the screen your logo is seen on.

Change the lingo

Everyone calls their independent consultants something different: consultants, stylists, reps, fashion retailers, {{ insert your noun here }}. With PopItUp you just tell us your lingo and we’ll customize the entire dashboard and shopping experience for your company.

Customize the products

Add your stock photos, product names, product pricing, and descriptions, and we’ll make it really easy for your consultants to get products into their white-labeled PopItUp accounts. For those that use our private Shopify app, we can automate this entirely. Otherwise it just takes us a few days to get things ready.

Personalize the dashboard

Add important links, photos, and other important information right to the consultant dashboard, so it’s top of mind and your consultants have a one-stop-shop to manage their entire business. You get the entire center row, so whether you want to brand the dashboard with a stunning photo or make it more practical with three separate widgets with links, it's entirely up to you.

Upload shared media

Add all the pictures, documents (like policies and procedures), and marketing material for your consultants directly to the media library on their PopItUp dashboard. We've integrated directly with Google Drive, so anything that you can put in a Google Drive folder is accessible in the library.

Tailor the pricing

If you have more than 200 consultants, chat with us about tailored pricing. Use either our default tiered pricing with basic, pro, and business levels so that your sellers can select the features that are best for their businesses or ask us about offering PopItUp business plans for one flat fee to all your sellers to keep it simple.

Customize all the styles

Want to match your entire brand? No problem. We'll work with your development and marketing team to match all of the dashboard styles with your brand guidelines so all your colors and fonts match your company's unique culture and personality. Custom styling will take us a bit more time, but if you'd like to launch quick and update the styles later, just let us know.

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