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PopItUp Private Shopify App

Connect PopItUp directly to your wholesale Shopify store

All the products that your company's sellers purchase from your wholesale Shopify store are automatically imported into PopItUp so sellers can instantly start tracking inventory and selling products online, on facebook, and in their home parties. Shopify plus accounts can take advantage of our multipass integration, so sellers only have to remember one login.

The cool stuff our shopify integration does

Automagically add inventory from Shopify store

The central feature of our Shopify integration is automatic inventory add. Each time your company's sellers make a purchase on Shopify, the items purchased are added to their PopItUp account. No more photographing inventory, tracking down MAP pricing, or updating tedious spreadsheets.

One login

For those with Shopify plus accounts, our multipass integration means your company's sellers will only login to PopItup and PopItUp automatically creates an account and logs your sellers into your Shopify store. It keeps things simple for your sellers. Don't have Shopify Plus? When your sellers create an account on Shopify, we'll automatically create a PopItUp account for them and email their login credentials.

Imports images

The integration automatically imports your company's stock photos from your Shopify store into your sellers' inventory records, so sellers look professional without the added expense of collage apps or professional photographers. Did I mention that your brand will look professional everywhere too? We'll post your professional images on Facebook, online, and in their inventory records so you look professional everywhere sellers sell.

Tracks costs and pricing

The integration automatically imports your company's pricing informaiton from Shopify so sellers don't have to worry about staying compliant or searching for minimum advertised price (MAP) sheets. Peace of mind for you company and less data entry for your sellers.

Smart filters

The private app automatically populates the filters on party pages and on the manage inventory page directly from your product variants in Shopify. Your company won't have to worry about having inconsistent shopping experiences from one seller to the next, plus all your styles, sizes, and branding will stay intact... no more risk of renaming of your products.

Integrated reporting

All of the inventory and pricing information populated from Shopify feeds right into your company's sellers' finanical and inventory reports, so sellers have one less thing to worry about when tax time comes around. Profit and loss reports plus, business expenses tool, and inventory reports make it simple for them to know how much they've invested in their business and how much money they can make by promoting your products.

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